Ghoul-icious Good Halloween Drinks

Ghoul-icious Good Drinks

Entertaining during Halloween? Create drinks around the occasion that are kid and adult friendly.

Whenever I am entertaining I love to set up stations for my guests to create their own food or drinks like grits, nachos, and/or hot chocolate bar. For my Halloween drink selection, I have done the same.

For the drinks offerings, I have green cotton candy, cocktail cranberries, Grenadine syrup, green tapioca pearls, and sweet and sour gummy worms.


My sister, Brittyn’s favorite fun drink is a Shirley Temple. I have created a similar version but I am calling it Little Red Riding Hood. I combine lemon-lime soda and the cocktail cranberries (instead of maraschino cherries) with the juice in a tumbler. (If you can’t find cocktail cranberries use maraschino cherries.) It is a fun bubbly sip.

For the ultimate ghoul-icious drink, you need it to be green. In a green tumbler, I added sprite and then topped it with green cotton candy. The cotton candy will add sweetness and of course creates liquid green.

Gummy worms just scream Halloween to me. To create a lip puckering drink, I added sweet and sour gummy worms to already tart lemonade. The gummy worms sink to the bottom of the tumbler and at the end you are left with a fun chewy treat.

I don’t like scary, bloody movies but I am fascinated by some vampire movies.  My vampire inspired beverage is sprite + splash Grenadine (blood) + green tapioca pearls (creepy vampire eyes). If you like bubble tea, you can have all kinds of fun using tapioca pearls to create a fun Halloween version.

I hope you have a fun Halloween this year. It was always my dad’s favorite time because he would haul my sisters and I in the back of his pickup truck from house to house trick or treating. What is your favorite thing about Halloween?


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