Venison Season

I grew up in South Mississippi where hunting is popular. My dad is an avid deer hunter. I loved always having venison in our freezer. When I met my husband, Ryan, I was excited to learn he was a hunter as well.

Wild game is so good for you. Venison is a lean meat. Deer’s diet is clean consisting of plants, wild fruits, vegetables, and nuts. I like venison texture and flavor compared to grass fed beef. My opinion after trying grass fed beef is that it is flavorless, tough, and mealy. I was disappointed because grass fed beef is not cheap.

Deer season is upon us. I have some tasty venison recipes in my cookbook, New Southern Table. I put a wild game spin on my chili recipe in my cookbook, Modern Hospitality by adding chunks and ground venison.

Here in Tennessee, the cool fall weather is upon us. My venison chili and sweet potato cornbread sounds like just the meal to warm me up. Cook along with me here.


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